Hack-The-Garden - the Remote Hackathon Experience

by Jens Schneider

Thanks to everyone

In the last week of September 2022, I participated in the Gardener Hackathon. Unfortunately, I need to attend the event remotely, as I caught Covid the week before the event. Therefore, I want to thank everyone making this experience possible for me, anyway.

Even remote hacking together is great

As Tim also participated remotely, we formed a remote hacking team contributing to the development of the Gardener extension-registry-cache. Of course, we were in touch with the on-site contributors via video calls which laid the foundation for three highly productive hacking days. Right after tying down a common todo list, we distributed the workload to the on-site and remote teams, and started hacking. From time to time, we held synchronization meetings, so that everyone was up-to-date and the current state of work was not only reflected in commits, branches, and pull request but also communicated to everyone in the team.

Beyond the internal communication within the team, Tim and Rafael organized a demo session on day 2. It was really amazing to see the progress made with respect to the various topics covered by the hackathon.


Clearly, the hackathon was a great event, and even hacking together remotely was a great experience. Of course, the social aspect of working together on-site cannot be mimicked. Therefore, I am already looking forward to the next Gardener hackathon which I hopefully can attend on-site.