Job openings

Do you want to participate in the cloud technology of tomorrow? You want to help to make the data infrastructure in Europe a bit more sovereign? Then become a part of our team now. The following positions are currently vacant. Please contact us at for further details. You are welcome to send a CV if you like.

General notes

We are happy to hire anyone, regardless of gender, degree etc. Working students are welcome.

We expect you to be able to learn quickly and work independently (that does not mean that we are looking for lone fighters, we work as a team). We expect good communication and documentation (we use Markdown and RST). Good knowledge in Linux is a basic requirement (LPIC-2 level and we do not care about the distribution, but we mostly use Debian and Ubuntu). We also take stuff like Git as a given. Using Vim is an advantage (just kidding, we don’t care about your favorite editor).

We work with SCRUM (or what we understand and like by it). Experience is an advantage, without experience it is no problem.

You can and will work from home (we also have a small office, but we do not expect anyone to move). We expect a decent workplace in the home office. We provide necessary working material such as headset and laptop. We are very flexible in terms of working hours and are happy to accommodate your family and free time. However, we have some fixed meetings, e.g. a weekly planning meeting at the beginning of a week and a retrospective at the end of a week, where participation of the whole team is always required.

Developer positions

We live Open Source. We do not produce “open core” software. We participate actively. We are part of the upstream.

As one of our developers you will work directly on open source projects like Ansible, Ceph, Kubernetes, Gardener, or Gardenlinux. You become an active part of the development community. This includes the possibility of regular participation in the respective development conferences on site. Your personal development through regular training and certification, not only in the technical area, is also made possible.

Of course you don’t have to be a pure Python or Go developer. Depending on the project, however, very profound knowledge of the respective language is useful and also absolutely necessary. For example, Ceph makes no sense without very good C++ knowledge.

Engineering positions

As an engineer you actively support our developers and customers. As a company we stand fully behind the Four Opens and share our experience and knowledge with the community. You are actively involved in open source projects like Gardener or Kubernetes and help to close the gap between open source and production. To make this possible, we are actively involved in the realization of GAIA-X in the context of the Sovereign Cloud Stack.

Certificates for the respective areas are an advantage. For example the COA for OpenStack, the CKS for Kubernetes, the CKA for Kubernetes, or the CKAD for Kubernetes.

If only the certifications as such are missing, but the knowledge is available, we can also help you to obtain the certification.

Other positions

If you can’t find anything suitable, a speculative application is always welcome and worthwhile.